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be natural® slate in Australia

After flying more than 23 hours, I finally arrive in Australia, with 25 degrees Celsius, far from the snow and the 0 degrees at the Galician quarries ! 

My trip to the kangaroos´s country will take place in Sydney and in Melbourne. The aim of my visit is to meet slate´s companies and to understand their needs and the market. 

Although the first slate quarry was discovered for the first time in 1840 by Edward Loud in "South Australia", the country was already importing since the early 1800´s. At that time, the vessels coming from Great Britain were loaded with WELSH slates to ballast the massive boats. 

Nowadays, we can find some old WELSH slate Roofs still even if many have been restored with new slates. Architects still specify natural slates for individual homes, condominiums, golf courses etc. 

The most common formats are "50x25" and "50x30" with a thickness of 5mm. The way of fixing is still made with copper nails, like in the United States, Great Britain or Ireland traditional method. 

Spain exports about 80 containers per year between Sydney and Melbourne especially. The Spanish slates and Welsh slates are the most popular and the best known in Australia, with a preference for the WELSH. 

For the last 5 years, be Natural® has been exporting to the largest island of the world and has seen the  demand increasing every year a little more. The future seems to show that the increase will keep growing over the next few years ... 

Don´t hesitate in contacting me if you need some more information on this fantastic country! 

Once again, thank you for your support and "NO WORRIES MATE", we catch up next month. 

be good, be safe, be natural®

Source : be natural® - 30/01/15 

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