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Martes - 20.Noviembre.2018

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be natural® visits Vermont

Last trip to Vermont before the summer holidays !

Good to be there when the weather is starting to be good… 

You can enjoy Vermont with -20 or with +20 degrees celcius … I have choosed the second option this time !

Once again, my route has been following the American slate veins between the Green, the Red and the Purple unfading slates. You can find all those colors in our web

As usual, I have learnt a lot during this trip. I have had the chance to meet with most of the large players of the industry.

After a week I had seen lot of slates, had lots of fun and drink lots of beers !

 One of my favourite place to stop is when I go and visit my friend Bob Williams and his family.

This time we met in Pensylvania where he was showing is QWIK SLATE System with our be natural slate from Spain. The mix looked pretty good. The roofing system makes more and more sence at present.

People wants to be natural !


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