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Martes - 13.Noviembre.2018

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be natural® in Paris

Dear Readers,

WE ARE ALL PARIS ! This month, I can not talk about slate without thinking of Paris. I think of all the victims and their families. God bless them.

The week before the horrible 13th of November 2015, the main players of the Slate Industry were all traveling to Paris for the biggest Construction Show - BATIMAT on one hand and for the FRENCH HERITAGE Show – LE SALON DU PATRIMOINE on the other hand.

We were all talking of business and drinking a nice glass of wine as we all do when we travel to France. A week after, the wine is tasting different but we will keep celebrating life and freedom !

So I was in Paris visiting the 2 shows. It was very interesting and I have seen a lot. BATIMAT was showing the use of Natural Slate for new projects on Roofing and Cladding and the HERITAGE show in LE LOUVRE was showing more the renovations of historical monuments.
I have met many french roofers really dedicted to the renovation of Heritage buildings such as Castles, Churches and Hotels built in the early 15th century among others.

It is so positive to see the new generation involved in keeping the history and the good work. For example, the Company Groupe Balas, is specialised since 1804 in the conservation of heritage jobs. They have made a video showing Adrien – a Young roofer – from his first practice up to the excellent job he achevied. Watch it on our be natural® youtube cannel: It is a fantastic testimonial.
Life have shown us in few days in a difference that some people are dedicated to keep the traditions, the good work and the history using Natural Slates when others are dedicated to destroy it all… So more than ever my Friends, be free, be happy and be natural® !

Source :Julian Calvo for be natural® - November 2015
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