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Martes - 13.Noviembre.2018

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be natural® from Norway to the USA

This month I have been travelling from Norway to the USA.

In Norway, we have been visiting the beautifull country side of Norway but especially the best Scandinavian slate production of all : MINERA SKIFER.

Thanks to Lise, Ane and Terje we have discover the world of MINERA between their quarries, their production facilities, their showroom and new offices. A great place to be.

As we were talking about their projects all around the world, we point out a beautifull job in Boston where the OTTA Slate in Black and Rust finish was used for the Public Library...

Coincidence (or not), a week after, I was on my way to the USA for the National Slate Association event so I took the chance to visit the job, not too far from HARVARD University. The Stone is very well represented on this modern and impresive building.

So here we have a perfect example of the SLATE WORLD, connecting people and companies. One day visiting the quarry and another day visiting the finished job on the other side of the Ocean !

be connected, be slate and be natural !

More next month...

 Source : be natural® - October 2017

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